Careers with Christian Grads Fellowship

much more than just a job

Graduate students make up a community of stressed, isolated, and spiritually skeptical individuals and very few people are working to make a difference in their lives. These future leaders of our world need supportive community fueled by the love of Christ, and Christian Grads Fellowship is working to make this happen. When you join us at the Christian Grads Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of those who will be future shapers of science, society, and culture.

Campus Expansion Fellowship

The Campus Expansion Fellowship is designed as a 1-2 year opportunity to work on a ministry team while using and developing your skills to launch new Christ centered communities of graduate students on campuses all over the world.

  • You raise $2,000/month, CGF contributes $1,000/month from the general fund.
  • Work on a close knit team that cares about your spiritual and personal growth.
  • Flexible work schedule tailored to your unique gifts and abilities.
  • Your passions, gifts, and ideas directly help guide the direction of the ministry.

Job Description