Dr. Mike Strauss

Particle Physicist – University of Oklahoma & CERN

Currently, my research is conducted at CERN, where I am a collaborator on the ATLAS experiment. The discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 confirmed the Higgs mechanism of the standard model, but also opened up a number of questions. For instance, is it possible that there are a whole family of Higgs bosons with different masses? I am actively looking for evidence of higher mass Higgs bosons. In addition, I am doing research trying to understand properties of the top quark, the fundamental particle with the highest mass. I have collaborated in research which measures the pole-mass of the top quark and tries to understand top-quark production by measuring properties of quark or gluon jets produced in conjunction with the top quark.

Dr. Micah J. Green

Chemical Engineer – Texas A&M University

Currently, my research combines experiment and simulation to bring the field of chemical engineering to bear on both nanomaterial production and novel nanotechnology applications. These extraordinary nanomaterials have unique geometries that combine bulk dimensions with atomic dimensions; graphene and carbon nanotubes show promise for use in composites, coatings, batteries, and even 3D printing. In addition to my scholarly work, I serve as the faculty advisor for several organizations at Texas A&M, including Navigators, Ratio Christi, and Christian Grads. I have a keen interest in the interaction between faith and science, particularly in academia.

David Ridley

Former Invesco Managing Director and Executive Chairman, Founder of Invesco Dallas

David Ridley is a highly successful business mogul whose innovative principles and disruptive practices earned him a high-profile reputation – but it’s not a reputation that came easily to David. He hand-built his company in the wake of ample criticism and in opposition to the standards of his competitive industry. Along the way, David learned not only about being a winning businessman with a perfect client retention rate, but also about being a man who values what matters most in life.

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